Two new projects to help the newly formed CRISIS CENTRE in Ukraine

A call to all!

As you know our organization has now been in existence for just over a year and thanks to you we have accomplished so so much. But things don't stop on January 31 or February 1 or any other time. Things keep moving and needs keep growing. On top of all of the regular things like helping raise $$ for treatment for kids, sending parcels, collecting aid, we now have two additional fundraising project happening.

Project 1: we are looking to help fund the salary of... the general and main caretaker of the newly formed Crisis Centre which will be opening its doors very soon. Together with others, we were able to sponsor 4 rooms in the centre. The salary is $200 dollars a month for a person who can be trusted, who some of the kids already call grandma, a person who has medical experience and who will be at the centre 24/7. Stream of Hopes paid for the first month's salary and we are hoping that enough people can help that we can raise the necessary $2,200 dollars to pay for her full year.

UPDATE: To date, we have received $600 dollars in donations, covering payroll up to the month of June.  We are continuing to raise funds for the remainder of the year.

Project 2: The Crisis Centre is coming along, people have been donating so many wonderful things. We cannot wait to see what our rooms look like but we know that it's a Centre that will help so many and will change the social system one step at a time towards being accepting of parents and kids with disabilities. What we are looking for is to raise $1,400 dollars to completely outfit a "sensory" room that will act to stimulate all the senses of children who have various forms of disabilities. There will be special lights, textured surfaces, sounds, spaces and shapes to help stimulate the senses.

UPDATE: We have received a note on February 5th, that two families will each be donating $700 dollars, which will total to $1,400 dollars to sponsor outfitting this sensory room.  We are extremely greatful for this grand gesture of kindness and support.

If you know anyone or yourself can help out in any way it would be tremendously appreciated. The sensory room would have names of the people who helped retrofit it as a plaque of appreciation. If there are some forms of fundraisers people want to run, know companies who are willing to donate larger sums of money we would be forever thankful. If you know us, you know - we are doing it for nothing and no one but the kids, there is no form of fame or glory attached to this. It's helping those who are abandoned and forgotten.

The pictures below are what a sensory room could look like.

If you would like to help, please donate through etransfer -

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Cheque written to "Stream of Hopes Aid for Ukraine" or


We truly thank you on behalf of all the kids we are helping through your donations.