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Two new projects to help the newly formed CRISIS CENTRE in Ukraine

As you know our organization has now been in existence for just over a year and thanks to you we have accomplished so so much. But things don't stop on January 31 or February 1 or any other time. Things keep moving and needs keep growing. On top of all of the regular things like helping raise $$ for treatment for kids, sending parcels, collecting aid, we now have two additional fundraising project happening.

One Year Anniversary

Dear friends and family! January 25th marked a very important day for us and our non profit organization. It is the day when a year ago we started to officially promote ourselves as a "volunteer group" "Stream of Hopes - Потічок Надій". A year ago we never thought we were going to get to where we are today. But today we are positive and hopeful that a year from now we will be celebrating even more accomplishments.