St. Demetrius Catholic School Raises $950 dollars for Stream of Hopes and Kids in Ukraine

Month of May was a month of fundraising at the St. Demetrius Catholic School in Toronto.  With an initiative from a couple of teachers and with the support of the whole administration, over 220 children, teachers and staff took part in a fundraising effort for Stream of Hopes and the kids we support in Ukraine.

Over the month of May, the school from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 held two Civies Days, where kids brought a donation and could wear regular clothes instead of their traditional uniforms.  Over these two Civies Days, the school with the help of parents, teachers, administration and school staff - raised a total of $950 dollars which were directly donated to the Bukovynska Mriya festival in Ukraine, where over 1,000 orphans from all across Ukraine gathered over a week to get away from their regular lives and have fun, sing, play, swim and get to be regular kids for those few days.  Additionally, at the end of the festival, which was today - each child prior to coming there wrote a letter of dreams, and each of those dreams were granted by donors during a huge ceremony in the Carpathian Mountains. 

The money collected by St. Demetrius and their students and staff were donated to this festival and of the total:

$350 dollars went towards the rental of the main tent which acted as the main pavilion where all of the games, concerts, performances, dances occurred.  Additionally, it was also used to purchase breakfast buns for all of the kids during one of their morning activities.

$600 dollars which translated to over 11,000 hryvnia went towards providing food for all of the kids throughout the festival.

The response has been tremendous, all of the kids really enjoyed their tent, food, and other activities that were supported by the amazing efforts of St. Demetrius School and their kids.

We send a huge thank you to all of the students and staff as well as parents of St. Demetrius School and parish for this tremendous effort, for this generous contribution and a huge fundraising effort that helped set the stage for a very happy, fun, successful and inspiring Bukovynska Mriya festival, which was attended by a record number of 1,031 orphans from all across Ukraine.