A short, simple and yet powerful story of selflessness and support

A few weeks ago our organization received a message from a family in Saskatoon who had a few questions for us.  They were wondering how they would go about donating some money on behalf of a company towards the efforts of Stream of Hopes. 

More specifically, the individual has been working for a local firm here in Saskatoon, who as a thank you to their employees and to acknowledge their length of service they've had with the organization, grants their employees a gift of their choice, or they allow for their employee to select a charity or non-profit organization of their choice to whom they would like to forego the gift and donate $125 dollars.

This individual chose "Stream of Hopes" as the organization of his choice, and after the company went through their internal review whether we were a legitimate non-profit, what our activities were focused on, who we were and how we worked with the Saskatoon and Ukrainian community, we proudly and with honor received a cheque donation from that company on his behalf for $125 dollars. 

This individual chose not to receive any personal gift, nor take any material reward for the work they've been doing and the present they deserved, but chose to donate to something they felt was bigger, grander and more impactful.

This shows a huge understanding and selflessness from this individual and their family to help those who are less fortunate, who are disadvantaged and require that help, more than we can imagine. 

We would like to thank them as well as the company for allowing their employees to take these initiatives.