It's been a while - Updates and more Updates

Wow it has been a while since we last wrote - well we've been super busy, shipping, raising funds, running projects, opening up centres, planning fundraisers and all that while raising 2 small kids and working full time - but hey, no excuses.  We have been trying to keep everyone posted on the happenings on our Facebook page, but do apologize to those who don't have facebook and have been waiting for updates from us.

What have we been up to.  Well, let's see.  We have almost surpassed 5,000kg of humanitarian aid that we've shipped to Ukraine.  We helped send 30 kids to summer camp Bukovynska Mriya.  We have now officially raised over $43,000 dollars, we helped send kids for treatment, we are now raising money to help purchase our own Centre of Wellness which will be a beginning to the "City of Goodness".

We have just successfully hosted our 2nd annual fundraiser for kids in Ukraine and were able to raise over $4,300 dollars.  We are constantly in need of everyone's help.  As long as the donations keep coming, we will continue pursuing projects, sending things, helping kids.  We are truly dependent on all your help and support and it has been tremendous and we cannot thank everyone enough for all you've been doing.  You are our change agents, because of you, we all are changing kids' lives for good, we are saving kids from orphanages, we are getting kids healthy, we are helping kids stay warm and fed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Stream of Hopes is all of you, so let's keep this going and continue changing the world by positively impacting one child at a time!