Help 3 year old Yana fight cancer

When this little girl was born 3 years ago, she was badly wrapped in the umbilical cord and wasn't given many chances to live, but she survived! Her mom... gave birth at 15, and didn't abandon her child because she wasn't afraid to take on the role of a mother and wanted to give her daughter a loving home. Yana was born into a poor but loving family. Her dad is an orphan from the Chernivtsi region. Yana is not used to expensive toys or lavish clothes, her happiness lies in a candy or a tiny toy from Kinder Surprise. August 3rd, her family got confirmation that Yana has cancer. Neuroblastoma, 4th stage. It has started to spread to her internal organs and her spinal fluid. Her chances to live are small but kids with similar symptoms have been successfully treated outside of Ukraine and that's where her chances to survive are the strongest.

The Acibadem Clinic in Instanbul, Turkey are giving Yana a chance and are ready to take her in immediately for treatment and to start fighting for her life. We have a chance to save this little angel and while she will be receiving chemotherapy in Turkey we will continue to look for specialists that will help with her bone marrow transplant. We truly believe that we were all brought together to Yana to help her survive, as she has fought death once and God didn't save her then to let her perish today.

We kindly ask, beg on our knees of those who are reading these lines, to not be indifferent and to help at least give this little 3 year old a chance to fight for her life. After chemo, Yana will need a bone marrow transplant, and Austrian and German doctors are giving us quotes of about 180,000 - 200,000 Euro for such a procedure. This amount is unfathomable at this moment but we believe that if needed we can raise it. While you are reading this post we don't have enough money for all the current treatments. We have $12,000 dollars and with that money are sending Yana to Turkey to start treatment. We will not let this little life perish just because we don't have enough money. We don't know what tomorrow will bring and we won't ask too many questions and judge why this illness was allowed to get this bad, but our focus is on one thing and one thing only and that is to help save this precious and special child's life. Every dollar is a chance for life, every share of this post, translation of it into another language, every prayer is a chance for Yana to live. Miracles do happen, we have all seen some throughout our lives. Let's try to inspire another one.