First Parcels have ARRIVED in UKRAINE!

The first 166kg of aid has arrived in Ukraine!!!

Today, 30 children as they usually do every month, for the past 7 years, celebrated their birthdays together in a setting outside of their orphanages.  Some of our toys and items were distributed amongst the children as presents.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL OF YOU!

Your amazing gifts and donations are starting to make their rounds to their homes, into the lives of children who have been living through poverty, through abandonment, through illnesses, through loneliness and hardship.  These donations are putting smiles literally on hundreds of children's faces.  

Families who have been struck by poverty, by enormous medical bills, by misfortune are receiving your donations with open arms.  Our kids in Ukraine are being fed by your donations, are being kept warm because of your contributions, are being cared for in hospitals because of the financial support you are providing.

We wanted to thank you all from the bottom of our hears and post some pictures to provide you with updates on where the donations are and who is receiving them.  This is just the beginning, but we've ALL ALREADY MADE SUCH AN IMPACT!  LET'S CONTINUE and KEEP THIS EFFORT GROWING.

Please consider supporting, sharing, donating! Anything and everything helps.  In addition to these parcels, money have been sent to Ukraine for medicine purchases, for rehabilitation and treatment, for a purchase of a TV to a children's hospital and many others.  

Thank you! You are tremendous change agents and we can't thank you enough!