So how did all of this start?...

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Our names are Olesya and Rostyk, and in February of 2015, our family was inspired to do more by a simple post on Facebook. 

While taking care of our 4 month old daughter at that time, Olesya simply by chance came across a story of Nadiyka who was born in a small village in Ukraine, with a number of complications; including spina bifida and severe rotational deformity of the legs and feet, to name a few. Doctors in Ukraine did not give her a chance and told her parents who already have 5 kids to "write her off".

This is when we met Marta Levchenko who runs a charitable foundation out of Chernivtsi called "I am the Future of Ukraine - Я є Майбутнє України".  We quickly found out that this young woman has dedicated her life to helping kids in need. She has organized a wide network across Ukraine as well as all over the world who she could call upon for donations both monetary and others.

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We started helping from Saskatoon as much as we could: sending clothes our daughter grew out of and buying new items for Nadiyka. We also sent some money to help send Nadiyka for surgeries to Italy.

A year after Nadiyka has drastically changed.  She is a healthier child on a path to recovery and will be walking soon.  This child’s life was impacted by hundreds of donors across the world.  But she also impacted us.

In January 2016, we decided that we could do more as a collective group and with other like-minded individuals both in Saskatoon and now in Toronto we formed a group called "Stream of Hopes - Потічок Надій".

In the two months of our existence, in late March we sent out parcels that brought our total weight sent to Ukraine to over 500kg or half a ton.

On April 8, 2016 we received notice that Stream of Hopes Aid for Ukraine Inc. has been officially registered as a non profit organization.

We have received support from numerous individuals as well as organizations in our quest to help over 3,000 kids in Ukraine.  As of March, 2017 we have sent over 3,000 kg of aid as well as raised over $26,000 dollars which has been utilized to pay for shipments as well as sent directly to Ukraine to help with treatment and medical procedures.

We cannot thank enough all those people who have been by our side and who are constantly joining us on this path of aid and assistance.  Without you this would not have been possible.

This video is the most recent interview conducted with Rostyk Hursky and Marion Mutala on April 26, 2017.  It's a 12 minute introduction to who we truly are and some of the projects we run.  Hope you enjoy!

This interview below, was taken by William Szuch of UkeTube TV in 2016, shortly after we registered our organization as an official nonprofit.

Full interview on UkeTube with Olesya Hursky and Rostyk Hursky, founders of the Ukrainian Canadian charity organization Stream Of Hopes - Потічок Надій, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, 13 June 2016.


It is, to help; orphaned, sick, disabled, abandoned and poor children in Ukraine by sending them items any child would need (including financial support for basic necessities and medical bills).

It is really awesome to see the work that your group is doing. It’s amazing how your efforts will change kids’ lives. We are more than happy to contribute and support such a great cause.
— Anonymous supporter of Stream of Hopes

What have we BEEN UP TO

  • Became a registered non-profit organization with 8 board members
  • To date we have SENT OVER 3,000 kg of aid to Ukraine.
  • Started a crowd-funding campaign that is currently ongoing - to date raised over $6,000 dollars to help pay for shipment of parcels and provide direct financial assistance.
  • Attending various events to promote our efforts.
  • Hosted our First Annual Fashion Show Fundraiser at LB Distillers.
  • Funded the outfitting of 4 out of 12 rooms in the newly formed Crisis Centre. Funded the sensory room.  A total of $3,600 dollars raised towards this.
  • Sending $50 dollars on a bi-weekly basis to assist with the food bill for two mothers and their two sons who are two years old.
  • In addition to Saskatoon, we have a group of volunteers coordinating efforts in Toronto and similarly in Regina.
  • Have collection bins in Ukrainian food stores in Saskatoon.
  • Our story was included in the UCC SK Provincial Council Spring Visnyk, CTV Saskatoon Morning Show, CBC Saskatoon, KyivPost

Most photography provided by Jared Chambers